Hi Richard,

I tested this method and you're right.  Setting the PDF Bookmarks using
Format > Document > PDF Setup saves the bookmark settings for a book in
FM9.  I was just used to doing it using the PDF Setup button in the
Print window during my first print, then saving the book with those
parameters.  I still think this is a bug, but at least now I have a


Susan Corcoran

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> Corcoran, Susan wrote: 
> > The second problem I saw occurred when printing a book.  I 
> can use PDF 
> > Setup to set my bookmarks, but I cannot save them.  I click the Set 
> > button, then make my print.  The next time I open the Print Book
> panel,
> > my bookmark settings are gone and they're back to their 
> defaults.  So 
> > every time I make a print, I have to set my pdf bookmarks.  Sigh.
> So this is the behavior when you select File > Print Book and 
> then click PDF Setup? Try setting up bookmarks via (from the 
> book window) Format > Document > PDF Setup. I think they may 
> have decoupled the two methods of reaching PDF Setup. 
> That would be a departure from previous versions, but one 
> could argue that it makes sense to treat setup changes made 
> at the moment of printing as ad hoc. If I'm right, then the 
> setup changes made via Format
> > Document should stick (and should be what the setup defaults to when
> you subsequently go the File > Print Book > PDF Setup route. 
> I don't have FM 9, so I can't test this myself. 
> Richard
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