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Carol J. Elkins wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to create an alert message (Danger, Caution, 
> etc.) that avoids having to make the whole thing a graphic. I have a 
> manual with a zillion of these. They are rectangular with rounded 
> corners; the width is constant and the height will vary according to 
> message content. There is a red or yellow bar across the top 
> containing the word DANGER or CAUTION (there is no symbol, just 
> text). The area below that bar contains one of about 50 messages. 
> They are all different. I would like to be able to add text to that 
> area, while keeping the surrounding rectangular shape and its 
> DANGER/CAUTION text constant. If it weren't for the rounded corners, 
> I could do this easily with a two-celled table.
> Does anyone know of a plug-in or workaround to easily handle these 
> kind of alert messages? I'm using Frame 7 on Win2K.

I'll bet you could fudge it with a 1-cell table with side-ruling only, 
and frames above/below the cell pgf containing graphics of the rounded 
rectangle top/bottom.  (I haven't tried it, but that's how I'd go about 

Stuart Rogers

>>That's how I do it...Kelly.

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