Hi, all, especially Andrew Warren.

Back long ago in March, we had a discussion about morphing symbols. Andrew 
explained how Symbol characters can be stripped out, resulting in 
strange-to-downright-dangerous results. (Ohm to capital W? OK. Mu to lowercase 
m? Dangerous.)

Andrew said that he sometimes unwillingly gave permission to use these codes 
for the regular font, such as Times New Roman:

"Every once in a while, someone actually needs a real "micro" or "ohm" symbol 
in his document. In those cases, I'm okay -- barely -- with the use of the 
"micro" (U+00B5, ALT-0181) and "ohm" (U+2126, ALT-8486) or "omega" (U+03A9, 
ALT-0937) characters from whatever regular font he's using."

I am using Framemaker 7.1 on Windows XP SP3. I have just tried all three ALT 
codes. For ALT-0181 I get a mu as advertised. For ALT-8486 I get an ampersand, 
and for ALT-0937 I get the copyright symbol. 

Two questions:

1. Why don't I get the symbols Andrew mentions?

2. How do you use the U codes, anyway? I've never used them.

Thanks, all.

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