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>       Good evening fellow Framers 
>       Here's one I've NEVER encountered before. 
>       First, the setup:  WXP, Frame 8 (unstructured) 
>       As I'm developing a document I'm proceeding from page to page, no
> problem. 
>       Suddenly, I reach the end (or I THOUGHT) it was the end on page 79
> of a 90 page document, you know at the end of a Frame file, you
> encounter the "end of file" symbol, sort of a "double-S" 
>       When what to my wandering eyes should appear?....more text on page
> 80!  It's the next page which I cannot, for the life of me, get to
> behave or come forward to page 79.  It's as if there is a different,
> separate, text flow so I checked for a "Flow: B" and there isn't any.
>       I'm at the end of my work day and am putting this one (and myself)
> to tackle it in the morning, but if anyone out there has
> encountered this before, please let me know....this is odd beyond
> anything I've ever encountered before. 


It is possible that you have accidentally created a new text frame that 
exactly overlaps the one created by Frame.  (This happens when you 
select a text frame with Ctrl-click and then accidentally move the mouse 
-- even a single pixel and back -- with Ctrl still pressed.)

Try selecting the page 80 frame and use Alt+Arrow to move it some 
distance.  Is another frame still visible at the original location?  One 
of them is FM's frame, the other is the accidental frame.


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