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>         Suddenly, I reach the end (or I THOUGHT) it was the end on page 79
>of a 90 page document, you know at the end of a Frame file, you
>encounter the "end of file" symbol, sort of a "double-S"
>         When what to my wandering eyes should appear?....more text on page
>80!  It's the next page which I cannot, for the life of me, get to
>behave or come forward to page 79.  It's as if there is a different,
>separate, text flow so I checked for a "Flow: B" and there isn't any.

   I know you've solved the problem by copying the text into a new 
document. If you happen to have saved the original, and still are curious 
about figuring out what is going on, there may be something else you can 
try. Does your document use conditional text? Can you select the text on p. 80?

   I don't know whether the situation is parallel to yours, but several 
years ago I had a document with mysterious "shadow" text. Most of the 
content was a multi-page table with conditional rows. Hiding and then 
showing the conditional text caused an extra page to appear in the middle 
of the table. The new page contained extra copies of rows that appeared 
elsewhere. Content on the new page could not be selected. Penelope Perkins 
from Synergex suggested rehyphenating the document (which is done from the 
dialog that appears when you click the Dictionaries button in the Spelling 
Checker). Even if there is no hyphenation in a document, rehyphenating 
causes FrameMaker to look at every paragraph and in my case solved the 
problem. If you have encountered the same rare situation, rehyphenating may 
help you as well.


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