Baruch Brodersen wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> Cross-posted to the Frame2Acrobat list.
> We single source many books using shared content with conditional text and 
> distill using TimeSavers. Some of the resulting PDFs are showing up with dead 
> internal cross reference links. Some are dead, while others are OK. The book 
> and Frame files are all updated prior to printing. Examining the dead links 
> in the PDF reveals a live link but no corresponding named destination. Going 
> back to the source Frame files, the links all work using Ctrl-Alt click 
> without updating or doing anything to the file other than testing the link.
> Any ideas?
> FM 7.2 p158
> Win XP SP3
> Acrobat 8.1.2
> TimeSavers 5.5.6

Have you turned on Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs in the 
PDF setup dialog box?  Doing so can bloat the PDF, but if you 
subsequently do a Save As (you can keep the same PDF name), unused 
destinations will be removed and file size will shrink.


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