Hi Jo,

In Acrobat 9, you can set a preference for this. Go to the Documents
category, and uncheck the "Open cross-document links in same window"
checkbox. I am using Acrobat Pro, but I think Reader has the same setting.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

Is it possible to make a cross-reference (not a marker) open in a new
window ? 

Here's the situation:
FrameMaker 9.0 book with approx 10 files.
Cross-references are both within and between the FM files.
The book is converted to a single PDF file.

For convenience, our readers sometimes want to open the cross-reference
in a new window - even though it means that then they have two copies of
the file open.  In Acrobat & Reader 8 and earlier, you can do this with
right-click 'open link in new window'.  But Adobe has removed this from
Acrobat & Reader 9.  So I'm looking for a work-around.

Any suggestions ?

As always, TIA for any help,
Jo Watkiss

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