You can increase the point size, and thus the proportional thickness of the
brace, in Special > Equations > Equations > Equations Sizes (or Esc, p, e).
For horizontal braces modify Level 1 equation sizes.

FrameMaker Help also gives this valuable advice:

To change the character format for functions, numbers, strings, and

1. Create the character format you want (see "The Paragraph and Character
Designers" on page 94).
2. On the Equations palette, choose Equation Fonts from the Equations pop-up
3. Choose the character format from the Functions, Numbers, Strings, or
Variables pop-up menu, and click Set. The pop-up menus contain the formats
stored in the Character Catalog.



On Tuesday, June 16, 2009 8:08 PM, you wrote:

Hi, Baruch.

Okay, I tried your response and this worked well enough that I think I
can make do for what I am trying. Thanks!

But ... a comment and questions that might help me do yet better:

1. I used the Color > Definition > ... to make a new color - it is not
under the Special > ... (you did note that you had not done this
recently, so I am merely recording this here for other people :) ).

2. The brace length appears to have stepped settings - it doesn't
increase linearly with the text as nicely as I might like (to get a more
control on the size).

3. I tried to change the font size, and that helped a bit, but the brace
becomes pretty thin and faint then.

4. Applying a bold to the text (while the delimiter brace is also
selected) does not change the underbrace or overbrace at all though (as
far as I can tell).

Any recommendation on whether this brace can be changed to look a bit
"heavier" or more curved, etc? It seems to be quite independent of the
font ...

Thanks much again!


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