Good evening fellow framers:
 First of all, thank you so very much for your responses.  Only
reinforces my thoughts that we Framers do have this caring attitude
to assist one another.
 Was not able to solve this problem through all of the solutions
offered, and that is puzzling....
 Soooo, I took some laborious steps to make it happen
 Opened a "new" document, you know, File...New...Document...Portrait
 Next, I copied/pasted all of the text from pages 1 through 79 just
before the "problem" text...that went into the "new" document
 Next, I deleted that text to reveal the so-called "hidden"
text...about 3 pages worth.
 Next, I copied/pasted that text as well into the "new" document
 Saved the document using the standard naming convention.
 Finally, opened another document in the same "book" and imported all
of the formats, etc into the reconstituted document.
 That worked!  that was the good news.
 The bad news?  I lost all of my effective dates/revision numbers,
but with a little tracking, etc, I just re-keyed the dates and
revision numbers into the headers/footers but I was able to press on.
 Again, thank you very much for all your offers of assistance....
 All the best
 From New York City (Kew Gardens, actually)
 724.494.9213 (cell)

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