Have recently upgraded to FM9 and applied the patches.
Files that took a few seconds to load into FM6 are now taking up to 10 minutes 
to load into FM9. These files are not massive but do have cross-references, 
conditional text, text insets and eps and jpg graphics.
I have also tried importing eps graphics into new FM9 files and this either 
slows the machine to nearly a full stop or crashes. JPGs are not a problem. 
We have tried loading the same files to FM9 on a similar spec machine on the 
same network connection and that loads the files OK.
The PC in question is: HP Compaq DX2200MT; Intel Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz; 768 Mb 
RAM, 80 Gig HD of which 20 Gig is free; Windows XP Pro, Version 2002, SP3. ATi 
Fire GL 3100, latest driver from their web-site.
Any input on this issue is very welcome.

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