> Have recently upgraded to FM9 and applied the patches.
> Files that took a few seconds to load into FM6 are now taking up to 10
> minutes to load into FM9. These files are not massive but do have cross-
> references, conditional text, text insets and eps and jpg graphics.
> I have also tried importing eps graphics into new FM9 files and this 
> either
> slows the machine to nearly a full stop or crashes. JPGs are not a 
> problem.

I noticed that FM9 was opening files much more slowly than previous FM 
versions and attributed it to the fact that FM9 was preloading all graphics 
at file open, instead of loading them only when I loaded the particular page 
in a file. I wrote Adobe about it and got this response:

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You might have the "Insets Pod" open in your default workspace which causes 
all insets to load at the open of the document. To check whether this is a 
cause, please do the following:

1. Make sure "Hide Panels on Close" is unselected in the "File --> 
Preferences --> Interface" dialog (see InterfacePreferences.jpg).
2. Open any file (if not already opened) such that workspace loads.
3. Close the "Insets Pod" from the workspace (see InsetsPod.jpg)
4. Once you have done these steps, you should see graphics loading only on 
demand and not on open.

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Hope that helps,
Mike Wickham

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