I'm getting an unexpected message when working on FM books that uses
conditional tags.  The message is listed below. The filename reported in
the message (chiaTp_cover.fm in the example below) is always the first
file in the book, all other files are saved without a message.

"File C:\Documents and
Settings\schween\Desktop\chiaTp\Sections\chiaTp_cover.fm has changed on
the disk since you last opened or saved it.  Someone else has probably
modified the file.  Do you want to save it anyway?"

The message is generated as follows:

1. Open the book file.
2. Open all files in the book (using Shift key + File -> Open All Files
in Book).
3. In the book window, select all files in the book, then change the
conditional view (using View -> Show/Hide Conditional Text).  
4. I then save all the files in the book (using Shift key + File -> Save
All Files in Book) and get the message for only the first file in the
5. I click OK in the message window.  A GIF image on the cover master
page turns into a gray box, everything else seems fine.  I put the GIF
in an anchored frame, that solved the gray image problem.  But I still
get the message every time I change the conditional view and save the

Other things I tried:
- moving different files to the top of the book, the message always
points to the first file in the book.  
- changing the conditional view on just the first file in the book (from
the file window) and saving the file, I don't get the message. 
- created a new book (using File -> New -> Book) with two new chapter
files (using File -> New -> Document -> Portrait) that include two new
conditional tags, still get the message. 
- reinstalled FM, still get the message.
- tried creating a new book with new chapter files on two co-worker's
desktops, still get the message.

Has anyone else seen this message?  Is it something I should be
concerned about?

I'm running Frame 8.0p277 with Windows XP SP2 and also have Acrobat
Professional 7 installed.  The files are all on my local hard drive.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Jeff Schweiner
Hardware Engineering Writer
Cray Inc.
(715) 726-4801

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