This usually pops up if someone else has modified / opened / copied
the file while it's open on your desktop.

If you're sure that no one has, it's likely to be network error or a
permissions problem on the server and can be ignored.
It happens most often when your network occasionally goes up and down,
or you're working remotely on a VPN connection, this type of error
occurs whenever there's a momentary disconnect / reconnect.

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On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 12:43 PM, Jeff Schweiner<schween at> wrote:
> I'm getting an unexpected message when working on FM books that uses
> conditional tags. ?The message is listed below. The filename reported in
> the message ( in the example below) is always the first
> file in the book, all other files are saved without a message.
> "File C:\Documents and
> Settings\schween\Desktop\chiaTp\Sections\ has changed on
> the disk since you last opened or saved it. ?Someone else has probably
> modified the file. ?Do you want to save it anyway?"
> The message is generated as follows:
> 1. Open the book file.
> 2. Open all files in the book (using Shift key + File -> Open All Files
> in Book).
> 3. In the book window, select all files in the book, then change the
> conditional view (using View -> Show/Hide Conditional Text).
> 4. I then save all the files in the book (using Shift key + File -> Save
> All Files in Book) and get the message for only the first file in the
> book.
> 5. I click OK in the message window. ?A GIF image on the cover master
> page turns into a gray box, everything else seems fine. ?I put the GIF
> in an anchored frame, that solved the gray image problem. ?But I still
> get the message every time I change the conditional view and save the
> files.
> Other things I tried:
> - moving different files to the top of the book, the message always
> points to the first file in the book.
> - changing the conditional view on just the first file in the book (from
> the file window) and saving the file, I don't get the message.
> - created a new book (using File -> New -> Book) with two new chapter
> files (using File -> New -> Document -> Portrait) that include two new
> conditional tags, still get the message.
> - reinstalled FM, still get the message.
> - tried creating a new book with new chapter files on two co-worker's
> desktops, still get the message.
> Has anyone else seen this message? ?Is it something I should be
> concerned about?
> I'm running Frame 8.0p277 with Windows XP SP2 and also have Acrobat
> Professional 7 installed. ?The files are all on my local hard drive.
> Thanks in advance for any insight.
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