At 10:21 AM 18/06/2009, Art Campbell wrote:
>If you can't find it and you need a quick fix, you may want to
>download the eval version of Acrobat and make the adjustment on a
>different system so you don't mess up your current install.

I found that Acrobat Pro won't save any document edits in trial mode. 

I used to think Acrobat Pro was great - I've had four versions in the past, up 
to and including AP 6.  But Adobe's unpublished upgrade policy has changed all 
that for me. I was having activation problems with Acrobat Pro 8 Upgrade, 
caused by their very first AP 6 update via Flexnet, that support says won't be 
fixed as it's no longer a supported product (all AP8 upgrade keys were 
invalidated on March 1st, apparently!).  I sent the box back to the reseller 
for a refund and set about assessing alternatives.  

Luckily, I found NitroPDF ( Now, for $99, I get everything 
Acro Pro can do and more, everything "just works", and its distiller is 
blazingly fast. *And* there's no FlexNet under the hood, deactivating your 
activated products when it plonks an update into your previously working 
installation.  In short, Nitro makes Acro Pro look very, very ordinary. 

To post-fix Susan's PDFs in Nitro, you can just add a bookmark to your initial 
page, name it 'titlepage' (or anything you like) and then hit Ctrl-D, set the 
initial page in the document properties and Save As...  You can also set other 
initial properties like the zoom level, pages per view and so on.  It even 
supports some properties that only apply to Acrobat Reader, that might or might 
not be important for PDFs generated by Adobe's Distiller.

Still, if the document is going to be maintained, then hacking the PDF isn't a 
very nice solution.  Better to have Frame pass the proper arguments to 
Distiller in the first place.


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