Hello again,

A few days ago I've posted a message about the disappearing TOC when
printing a book with a childbook. See e-mail below.

Someone told me this is an intended functionality of FM. When you print
the childbook, you want to see the TOC, but when you print the main-book
you don't want to see the TOC from the childbook. I can follow this
explanation but it is not what I want.

Does anybody know a way to work around this functionality?

Kind regards,

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Onderwerp: FM9: Book within a book, generated files not in PDF

Hello framers,

I'm working with FM9 and I need help.

The situation is as follows: There is a book, let's call it the
main-book , in the main-book are some fm-documents and there is also a
fm-book. Let's call this one the child-book. In the child-book I've made
a TOC. When I update the child-book and print it to PDF the TOC is ok.

Now the problem: When I print or save the main-book to PDF the TOC from
the child-book is disappeared.

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem? I need the TOC in the

Kind regards,


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