Kees van de Wal wrote: 

> A few days ago I've posted a message about the disappearing TOC when
> printing a book with a childbook. See e-mail below.
> Someone told me this is an intended functionality of FM. When you
> the childbook, you want to see the TOC, but when you print the
> you don't want to see the TOC from the childbook. I can follow this
> explanation but it is not what I want.
> Does anybody know a way to work around this functionality?

Try this: Add a new FM doc to the main-book just before the child-book.
In the new doc, import the main flow of the child-bookTOC by reference
to create a text inset. Update and print. 

If that doesn't work, try using import by copy to create the text inset
(this solution would require manually updating the text inset whenever
the child-bookTOC changes). 


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