Forgive me if I sound ignorant - although being new to FM, the term is 
applicable - if I make the Notes/Cautions/Warnings into a graphic, wouldn't 
that imply that all contents of every Note (or Caution or Warning) would have 
to be identical?

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Subject: Re: Converting from Word to FM9: Tables in Tables??

Why not turn your table made Note/Caution/Warning into a graphic which will 
easily scale into a table cell. Place it on the Reference page and call it up 
just like a format.

Just a thought,
On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 4:47 PM, Alison Craig <Alison.Craig at<mailto:Alison.Craig at>> wrote:
My company is finally making the transition from MS Word 2003 to FM 9 for all 

On the advice of a consultant, I've translated my Note/Caution/Warning style 
into a table format as I was told this was the simplest way to duplicate my 
Word format (a simple hanging indent paragraph with a border above and below to 
demarcate the Note/Caution/Warning).

The problem is that I also have to use the Note/Caution/Warning style in table 
cells and it seems that FM9 does not support tables in tables.

I'm not sure if this forum will support attachments, but just in case it does, 
I've included a PDF of one of my simplest Word tables (2 columns only, with no 
shading) that also contains Notes and a Warning.

If anyone can advise me of a (simple?) way to duplicate this within FM9, I'd be 
extremely grateful.



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