Nadine wrote: 

> FM does support tables within tables, but you have to put the inner
> table into an anchored frame.

Alison Craig responded: 

> Would this method support the border above and below the Note?

Sure, you're still using a table for the notes, so you still have the
table borders available. But to clarify what Nadine said, you can't put
the table directly into the anchored frame -- there's another step

In the table cell where you want the note, first insert an anchored
frame. Use the anchoring pgf and location you prefer, and size the
anchored frame so it will accommodate the note table (you can tweak this

Next, create a text frame inside the anchored frame and almost filling
it. Then, put your cursor into the text frame and insert the note table.

Adjust the sizes of the table, the text frame, and the anchored frame
containing it as needed -- you can use the "shrink-wrap" command (Esc m
p) to size the anchored frame snugly around the text frame (that also
sets its Anchoring Position to At Insertion Point, but you can change it
again if necessary). 



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