Apologies upfront as I know that this has been asked and answered many times
before, but I can't get the archive search to fly, and I have been working
exclusively in Word for a client for awhile now (not by my choice), so I am
finding myself a bit rusty in some Frame skills (but with two new clients,
they will come back in full force!).

I have a Framemaker file that when it opens gives me the "document uses
unavailable fonts" message and asks me if I want to reformat the document
using available fonts. Of course I do, and click Yes, but that said, I don't
want to have to answer this question every time the document opens. I want
to search for the unavailable fonts and either replace them or delete them -
I don't remember which is the correct option. I just vaguely remember that I
had to do something to a .mif file to nuke the offending fonts.

If you Frame gurus out there can guide my fuzzy memory and put me back on
track to this basic function that I use to know, I would most appreciate it.



Tammy Van Boening


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