Rick, Stuart, and Bill,

Thanks! <Sigh> - being away from Framemaker for months on end has been
rough! </Sigh>. And Rick, nope, neither is a concern. The Times is simply
being substituted for Times new Roman and the offending font came from the
client who took my source files (against all recommendations) and copied and
pasted some information directly into it (the way they wanted to "edit" the
document - don't go there!) and so who knows where it came from. The source
fonts/layout weren't a concern - they just wanted to get the information to

Thanks again all and TGIF!!


Tammy Van Boening
Spectrum Writing, LLC

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Hi Tammy,

The easiest way to do this is to choose File > Preferences > General,
uncheck Remember Missing Font Names, and click Set. Open your document
again. You will receive the missing fonts message one more time, but this
time the font substitution that FrameMaker does will be permanent. Save the
file; the next time you open it, you should no longer get the message.

A couple of cautions are in order: First, you should check the Console
window and make sure that the substitution is acceptable to you. For
example, if a symbol font is being substituted by Times New Roman, you may
lose some important symbols from your document.

Second, your client may not appreciate the substitution when you deliver the
document back to them. They will have to re-import paragraph and character
formats from one of their documents to restore the correct fonts.

If neither of these is a concern, you should be all set with this method.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you very

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

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Apologies upfront as I know that this has been asked and answered many times
before, but I can't get the archive search to fly, and I have been working
exclusively in Word for a client for awhile now (not by my choice), so I am
finding myself a bit rusty in some Frame skills (but with two new clients,
they will come back in full force!).

I have a Framemaker file that when it opens gives me the "document uses
unavailable fonts" message and asks me if I want to reformat the document
using available fonts. Of course I do, and click Yes, but that said, I don't
want to have to answer this question every time the document opens. I want
to search for the unavailable fonts and either replace them or delete them -
I don't remember which is the correct option. I just vaguely remember that I
had to do something to a .mif file to nuke the offending fonts.

If you Frame gurus out there can guide my fuzzy memory and put me back on
track to this basic function that I use to know, I would most appreciate it.



Tammy Van Boening
Spectrum Writing, LLC
www.spectrumwritingllc.com <http://www.spectrumwritingllc.com/> 

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