Oran Petersen wrote:
> Following the two recent threads on the list concerning fonts, I did
> not see a comprehensive recap of these issues for cause and cure.
> CAUSE-Unavailable fonts
> 1. Most postscript printers come loaded with a set of Postscript
> fonts.
> 2. If you set a postscript printer as your default, Windows will
> "see" these fonts and allow you to use them in your documents. Also,
> if you copy/paste text from another document that uses them you can
> also inject them into your documents.

Good summary, Oran, thank you.

Two further points:

Some printer drivers can be set so that Windows *doesn't* see the 
printer's fonts.  The driver for our Lexmark of a few years ago had a 
checkbox labelled "Do not report printer fonts to applications" (or 
similar wording), which I always kept checked.  Unfortunately, our 
current printer does not offer the same choice.  No big deal, since I 
use SetPrint anyway, but this info may help others.

I also advocate the use of PureText for pasting content from other 
applications.  After installation, Ctrl+v continues to work normally, 
but Windows+v pastes the clipboard contents with formatting removed. 
It's free:

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