Another solution to avoid pasting random fonts and formats into Frame is set 
your ClipboardFormatsPriorities in maker.ini (either the user copy or the 
system copy). I believe the following setting will do the the trick:

ClipboardFormatsPriorities=UNICODE TEXT, TEXT, FILE, OLE 2, EMF, META, DIB, 

Although I personally removed OLE2 from this list because I never want to have 
to deal with it--there are probably others as well, but I'm not sure about all 
the formats listed.

But I like the idea of PureText, it sounds like it will solve the issue of 
FrameMaker's internal paste buffer retaining paragraph formatting that I don't 
want in the destination paragraph. Like Paste Special > Text, but faster. 
Here's a link to a previous thread on this list:

Karen Robbins wrote: "Also working on ways to get co-users to use character 
styles (more) correctly."

My solution to the "rogue formatting" was to customize the menus and toolbars 
(and command shortcut definitions) to remove the ability to do so. Instead, I 
have many ways to access the catalog of character and paragraph tags, ensuring 
that only formats from my templates can be applied. As a side benefit, my 
FrameMaker menus are now decluttered.

Hope that helps,


akass at

From: Stuart Rogers <>
Subject: Re: Font Issues - Unavaiilable Fonts and Font Information Changed - 

> Oran Petersen wrote:
> >
> > Following the two recent threads on the list concerning fonts, I did
> > not see a comprehensive recap of these issues for cause and cure.
> >
> > CAUSE-Unavailable fonts
> >
> > 1. Most postscript printers come loaded with a set of Postscript
> > fonts.
> >
> > 2. If you set a postscript printer as your default, Windows will
> > "see" these fonts and allow you to use them in your documents. Also,
> > if you copy/paste text from another document that uses them you can
> > also inject them into your documents.
> Good summary, Oran, thank you.
> Two further points:
> Some printer drivers can be set so that Windows *doesn't* see the
> printer's fonts.  The driver for our Lexmark of a few years ago had a
> checkbox labelled "Do not report printer fonts to applications" (or
> similar wording), which I always kept checked.  Unfortunately, our
> current printer does not offer the same choice.  No big deal, since I
> use SetPrint anyway, but this info may help others.
> I also advocate the use of PureText for pasting content from other
> applications.  After installation, Ctrl+v continues to work normally,
> but Windows+v pastes the clipboard contents with formatting removed.
> It's free:

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