Writer wrote: 

> On the Pagination tab of the Paragraph Designer, you can set the
paratag to
> start at the top of the next page by setting Start to Top of Page.
> For example, if you have an H1 tag, you can create a "twin" tag called
> H1_break, but set it to start at the top of the next page.

Alison Craig replied: 

> I'd already thought of that, but... won't it affect the auto-creation
> TOC entries from Headings?

You just need to: 

1) Add H1_break to the Include Paragraphs Tagged list in the Set Up
Table of Contents dialog. 
2) Add an H1_breakTOC paragraph to the reference page TOC flow (just
copy the H1TOC pgf and rename it).

That said, I'd rather have one PageBreak tag (with a large Space Below
setting) than clutter up the pgf catalog with alternate versions of
every paragraph tag I might want to put a page break before. 



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