I also use a PageBreak para format to insert manual page breaks.  I 
think I just cloned it from our basic para format (Normal), but set the 
space below to 700pt.  To make it visible, I set the colour to blue and 
set tabs stops at 5mm intervals across the whole text column, with the 
last tab stop set 5mm in from the right margin (so I can still see the 
para marker).  I then inserted an equal number of tab commands in the 
numbering tab in Para Designer.  So, when I insert a PageBreak, I can 
see a row of blue tab text symbols across the page.  I also set the Next 
Pgf Tag to Normal.

I've used this method for years after reading about it on this list and 
it works well.  I also find it handy when I'm working in a draft manual 
and I want to move any text I'm editing onto a new page so it doesn't 
break across two pages.



Fred Ridder wrote, on 24/06/2009 6:37 a.m.:
> Stuart Rogers wrote:
>> I use a "PageBreak" tag defined with 2pt font and 999pt space below,
>> inserted (with no content) immediately before the pgf that should move
>> to the next page or column.
> I used a similar approach at a previous employer. But because we would 
> globally delete all "PageBreak" paragraphs so that we could re-do the manual 
> page breaks after a file was edited significantly, we wanted to ensure that 
> nobody put any text in the special paragraphs. Instead of using a 2 pt font, 
> we set the line spacing to be 2 pts, but set the paragraph font to some 
> obviously decorative face (e.g. Cooper Black or some script face) in 14 pt 
> red. 
> -Fred Ridder
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