FrameMaker 8.0p277, Windows XP SP3.

Am I correct that FrameMaker's behavior when you type an Enter in 
conditionalized text changed before version 8.0? The behavior I'm seeing in 
FM8.0 seems flat-out wrong to me, and is driving me crazy.  

I older versions of FrameMaker (at least through 7.0, which is the other 
version I have on my system), if you type Enter with the insertion point at the 
very end of a paragraph that is conditionalized, you get a conditionalized 
pilcrow in the existing paragraph and the new paragraph is unconditional. This 
was a little annoying if you wanted the next paragraph to also be conditional, 
but there was an easy workaround, which was to always keep a space between the 
insertion point and the end of the paragraph. That way, the new paragraph would 
be non-empty, and FrameMaker would apply the condition to it. Perfectly 
logical, and everything just worked.

But in FrameMaker 8.0, if you type Enter in a paragraph that is entirely 
conditionalized, the *new* pilcrow (the one that is inserted at the end of the 
conditional paragraph you've been typing is always *unconditional* and the 
*following* pilcrow is always *conditional*. This is just plain wrong, because 
the unconditional pilcrow on the otherwise conditional paragraph will always 
produce an extra line space when you hide the condition. And if the following 
paragraph is actually non-conditional, having a conditional pilcrow at its end 
will make it collapse into the paragraph that follows it when the condition is 

I find myself having to spend a lot of time manually conditionalize and 
unconditionalizing pilcrows throughout the documents I work on. And it's only 
made worse by the fact that the developers who write the initial drafts of the 
docs and apply the conditions usually don't even see the pilcrows because the 
won't follow my advice to always work with View Text Symbols turned on.

Am I the only person who has noticed this? I wasted about a half hour trying to 
find anything about this misbehavior in the Adobe Knowledgebase. Does anyone 
have a workaround? Does FrameMaker 9 behave the same way (not that I'd be able 
to recommend having to spend money to upgrade the dozen or so developers to the 
new version...)?

Fred Ridder

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