At 02:30 PM 6/25/2009, Fred Ridder wrote:
>Am I correct that FrameMaker's behavior when you type an Enter in 
>conditionalized text changed before version 8.0? The behavior I'm seeing 
>in FM8.0 seems flat-out wrong to me, and is driving me crazy.

   You are correct and I agree that the behavior introduced in 8.0 is 
counterintuitive. 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 all behave the same way, as do 8.0 and 

   What seems to happen is that in 7.x, when you create a new paragraph by 
pressing Enter, the end-of-paragraph itself takes on any condition tags 
applied to the object (character, variable, table anchor, etc.) immediately 
preceding the insertion point. In 8.0 and 9.0, the new end-of-paragraph is 
never conditional. It does not matter whether the insertion point is at the 
end of the paragraph when you press Enter.

   By the way, I found a surprise in the 7.x behavior also. Suppose you 
have unconditional text followed by conditional text in one paragraph. If 
you click in the unconditional portion and then press the right arrow until 
the insertion point is between the unconditional and conditional material 
and then type a character, the character will not be conditional. However, 
if you click in the conditional portion and then press the left arrow until 
the insertion point is between the two portions and then type a character, 
the character will be conditional. The same is true for font properties. As 
you type new characters, FrameMaker applies the properties of the adjacent 
characters. If those properties are different to the left and right of 
where you are typing, FrameMaker remembers how the insertion point was set. 
If you move the insertion point with the arrow keys, FrameMaker changes the 
properties assigned to new content when you cross a border between text 
ranges with different properties but does not change them when you simply 
reach the border.

   The subtle detail that surprised me in 7.x is that when I pressed Enter 
with the insertion point on the border between conditional and 
unconditional text ranges, the new end-of-paragraph was always conditional, 
even if I set the insertion point such that if I'd typed new characters 
instead of pressing Enter, the new characters would have been unconditional.


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