If you are annoyed by a message you get when you double-click on the scroll up 
arrow button, my best advise is to stop double-clicking on the scroll up arrow 
button. I have been using Framemaker for a dozen years and I am not aware of 
any documented function that uses that user input. What is it that you are 
attempting to accomplish by double-clicking on that button?


> From: vinokoor at gmail.com
> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 16:06:38 +0300
> Subject: FM 7.2 error message: Nothing to copy
> To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
> Hi all,
> I am constantly receiving the error message "Nothing to copy" when working
> with files, both stand-alone and as part of a book (using FrameMaker 7.2).
> For example, when I place my cursor within a text field (i.e. it is
> blinking) and I double-click the scroll up arrow, the message always
> appears.
> But, when I select some text (i.e. text is highlighted) and I double-click
> the scroll up arrow, the message does NOT appear.
> Go figure!
> I've looked for information about this error in the online help file, as
> well as searched the FrameMaker Support Center, but haven't found anything.
> Can anyone help me? This message is appearing a lot and is very annoying!
> Thanks,
> Gil

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