At 06:06 AM 6/24/2009, Gil & Ifat Vinokoor wrote:
>I am constantly receiving the error message "Nothing to copy" when working
>with files, both stand-alone and as part of a book (using FrameMaker 7.2).
>For example, when I place my cursor within a text field (i.e. it is
>blinking) and I double-click the scroll up arrow, the message always
>But, when I select some text (i.e. text is highlighted) and I double-click
>the scroll up arrow, the message does NOT appear.

   The message means you have issued the copy command (Edit > Copy or 
Ctrl-c) when there is no selection. I have no idea why double clicking the 
scroll-up arrow invokes this command. You can confirm this is what is 
happening my selecting some text, double clicking the arrow, setting an 
insertion point somewhere else in the document, and pasting. The text that 
you had selected will have been pasted.

   You suggest that there are other operations you have performed that 
result in the same error message. Are you using a customized version of the 
FrameMaker user interface that may have erroneously mapped several 
shortcuts to the Copy command?


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