I think there's a trick you can use if the Word doc is one of the new
Office 2007 docx formats. The docx document is a collection of files all
in xml. I think if you treat it as a zipped file you can get it to
extract itself into all of its components in sub-folders (graphics
included). Have a google around to find the trick - I ran across it on
some Tech Writing blog somewhere this spring.


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I've been given a CD with over 1500 graphic files of all formats on it.
These graphics are used in a MSWord-formatted manual that I need to
convert to FrameMaker. Unlike FrameMaker, which can easily generate a
list of external files used and will also display the filename of each
referenced graphic, to my knowledge there is no way to determine the
filename of any graphic used in a Word doc.

I can easily generate a thumbnail catalog of the graphic files on the CD
using Photoshop so that I can visually locate each photo in the manual.
But geez I so seriously do not want to have to do that. Does anyone know
a workaround in Word that will help me identify all of these graphic
files? A macro? I am not a Word guru so all help is appreciated.


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