Thanks to the folks who suggested that I convert the Word docs to 
HTML to obtain the filenames for the graphics. If I remember, that 
was a trick useful when the original graphics are not available 
because saving to HTML causes Word to convert the graphics to gifs 
and jpgs.  But in doing so, the HTML then references the converted 
file's filename, not the filename of the graphic actually used in the 
Word doc. Having gifs and jpgs of the graphics doesn't help me much 
because I need to be able to use the .eps and .tif files given to me on the CD.

Is there something I should be doing to force Word to save the 
filename of the graphics? It doesn't seem to matter if I copy and 
paste a graphic or insert it by navigating to the file (sorta 
equivalent to Frame's importing by reference)--Word 2000 and Word 
2003 still convert the file when saving as HTML.


>Save the file to html and then open it in Notepad.

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