Are you asking what is different between the Word doc and the Frame doc? 
Or, are you asking what is different between English and Japanese 
versions? I'm not sure what exactly your translators want to know.

Your Word and Frame docs should have the same content. It's the software 
tool and the file formats that are different. Experienced, reputable 
translation companies should know how to verify the translation.

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Joseph wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a FrameMaker/Word question. There's a 600-page Word document that my
> team converted into a FrameMaker book.  This document is in English, it
> needs to be translated into Japanese. The translators have asked about tools
> to perform a diff comparison between the two (ie find out what is different
> between the two documents).
> We have come up with the following options. Can you let me know if there are
> any others?
> .    Convert both frame files and word file to RTF
> .    Use Mif2go
> .    Export the FM book and Word file to PDF. Perform a PDF comparison.

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