Dianne's right. You do need an LSP. A couple of quick things to look for as you 
vet providers:

1. Do they use only professional translators? ATA certified or LISA
2. Do they use only mother tongue translators living in the target country?
3. Are their editors and proofreaders professional translators, mother tongue, 
living in target country?
4. Do they have access to translators with a technical background in your 
industry, if necessary.

Sorry so disjointed, dashed this quickly before a meeting...

I'll add our company's contact to your list:

Ed Laprath
The ComWell Group, llc
ed.laprath at thecomwellgroup.com 

Good luck,

All the best,


Bryan K. Johnson
Senior Technical Writer
Motoman Inc.
(937) 440-2606

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