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> I inherited some files with autonumbering for a Caption style like this: 
> M:Fig. <$chapnum>\+< >< ><n+>:\  , which results in displayed text such as 
> this: Fig. 3-1: 
> But the spec calls for the result to be Fig. 3.1: 
> I'm not sure from the Help file what the angle brackets do, but I can't seem 
> to get that "." in place of a "-". 
> A little help?  And thanks in advance. 

The hyphen in the current autonumbering is actually a non-breaking hyphen, 
which is produced by an escape code, namely "\+". Replace those two characers 
with a period, and you're home.

And FYI, the angle brackets specify three individual number counters within the 
"M" numbering series. In this particular use of the "M" series, only the third 
counter is incremented (the + in the 2nd position within the brackets) and 
displayed as an Arabic number (according to the n in the first position within 
the brackets). A space inside the brackets for the first and second number 
counters specifies that the value of the corresponding counter is not 
displayed, but rather is passed through without change to the next incidence of 
the "M" series. 

-Fred Ridder

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