Hello John(?)

Basically, what you have is this:

M: - a "series label" that identifies this numbering scheme and distinguishes 
it from all other numbering schemes. You can have dozens of numbering
schemes in a doc, but in practice one or two usually suffices.

Fig. - literal text that will appear in the autonumbered paragraphs as "Fig. ".

<$chapnum> - the number of the chapter within the book. This is usually set 
through the book numbering properties. With the book active, right-click a
chapter and choose Numbering, then Chapter.

\+ - a non-breaking hyphen. See, in your FM user guide or help, the section 
"Typing in Dialog Boxes" for an explanation of these codes. This chapter
is your friend.

< >< ><n+> - placeholders for three different autonumbered items. The first two 
< > items refer to something other than figures (perhaps tables or
something else). The < > code maintains the autonumber value at its present 
value, without incrementing it. It also means, "don't display this number
in this paragraph". So when you use the Caption paragraph, it does not 
increment these values, and neither does it display them. The <n+> code, on the
other hand, represents your actual caption number. It increments it by 1 and 
displays it. If you look at your other paragraph formats, you'll find one
that uses M:<n+>< >< > or similar, and one that uses M:< ><n+>< > or similar. 
These formats control the numbering of the other items in the series.

: - a literal colon, that will appear in the numbered paragraph.

\  - a backslash followed by a space, which is the code for a non-breaking 
space (see the "Typing in Dialog Boxes" chapter that I mentioned earlier).

So your caption will appear as Fig. 1: The title of the figure

I'll send you separately a document that explains FM autonumbering. If you read 
it a couple of times (at least, it took me a couple of times!) all
will become clear. It was written for FM5.5 so is a bit out of date; 5.5 did 
not support the <$chapnum> variable.

Hope this helps.

Roger Shuttleworth
London, Canada

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I inherited some files with autonumbering for a Caption style like this: M:Fig. 
<$chapnum>\+< >< ><n+>:\? , which results in displayed text such as
this: Fig. 3-1: 

But the spec calls for the result to be Fig. 3.1: 

I'm not sure from the Help file what the angle brackets do, but I can't seem to 
get that "." in place of a "-". 

A little help?? And thanks in advance. 

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