I needed some input on how to plan new and updated documentation. We are in the 
Semiconductor business, working on user guides, reference manuals, and silicon 
validation reports. If you feel that this discussion is off-topic, please feel 
free to send me an email with your suggestion:
knukh at hotmail.com

Here is an estimate that I came across the STC website. Is this reasonable? Our 
documents are in Frame and Word. The final output is in PDF format. 

Baseline from the STC website:

Writing new text 3 - 5 hours per page

Revising existing text 1 - 3 hours per page

Editing 6 - 8 pages per hour

Production preparation 5 percent of all other

Consider this preliminary estimate to represent the
number of hours needed if you follow your ?normal?
development process and if the project proceeds without
any major problems. 

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