Ian Saunders wrote:

My team are reviewing the Frame templates we use for producing PDF files. It
has been suggested that we:

*         Do not use chapter numbers/appendix letters

*         Begin main index entries with a capital letter

*         Put a logo (or message) on blank pages to show that they are not
blank in error.

For the first two issues, I'd recommend that you adopt a style manual for
your organization. Every organization has a few house rules that go against
the style manual, but hopefully they are few. I'd recommend either the
Chicago Manual of Style, or the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical
Publications, Third Edition. Both are good and will likely address these

(Ok, and just from me, those first two issues seem ill-advised and

On the blank pages issue, it depends on the most common use model for your
PDFs. If you expect someone to print them out on a 2-sided printer, it makes
sense for the blanks to be there.

If you expect your reader to read online or print on a 1-sided printer, I'd
vote to take the blanks out.

I don't see a problem with blanks, and I hate "This page intentionally left

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