Joseph wrote:

> I am trying to compare two books using the compare utility. When I
> to execute the utilty on the book level, I receive the following
> "No flow in the document named [document] has unique names. To
> compared, documents must contain uniquely named flows with matching
> Flow names: A."
> I assume this has to do do with the flow in the text frame of the
> document. In the document that had the problem, I tried changing the
> Frame's flow tag to B, but it didn't help. Any suggestions?

Ugh, what a terribly worded error message. It sounds like [document] contains multiple flows with the same flow tag, A. FM doesn't
know which one to compare to the (hopefully) single flow A in the other

If changing the name of a flow to B didn't help, it means one of two
things (depending on what "didn't help" means, exactly): either there
are still multiple flows named A or you changed the name of the flow you
wanted to compare. Or both. 

In general, unless you're doing a newsletter or something like that, you
should only have one flow in the body pages of your document. The fact
that you have multiple flows without being aware of it suggests there
may be something wrong, like disconnected pages. You may need to do some
detective work on your doc. See the Page Layout chapter/topic in the
manual/help and/or look up text flows, text frames, and autoconnect.


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