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>I generated a TOC using the standard process, that is, Add Table of
>Contents, include tags, create hypertext links. I can generate a PDF,
>which works fine. In the Table of Contents, the links to the headings
>are working; however, the customer also wants the little hand to appear
>over the page number and links to work for the page numbers-not just the
>headings. Thus, the customer needs to be able to click anywhere on the
>line, not just the heading.
>Is there any easy way to set it up in Frame?

To have the entire TOC paragraph active (including its page number), avoid 
character formatting in TOC items on the Reference page TOC specification 
(eg, H1TOC should be blue and/or the same font/size throughout.)

However, the problem may still be encountered when source TOC items 
retrieved have character properties such as subscript, superscript or font 
changes -- some examples can be found at 

If character formats in the TOC cannot be avoided (either retrieved from 
source paragraphs or required by design), I recommend using FrameScript to 
duplicate the hypertext marker present at the beginning of each TOC entry 
for each distinct character format area within that entry (independently of 
whether this property change comes from the TOC specification on the 
Reference page or from the source TOC item).
Such a script can also be extended to deal with other TOC problems.

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