Another call for Bruce Foster's Archive.

Best little FrameMaker add-on out there, at least one of the best, and only

Install Archive. Open your book, Select File > Utilities > Archive. Archive
spiders your network for all referenced files, whether they be graphics or
text insets. If Frame can find it, archive captures it. Then it builds a
copy of the source document in a folder of your choice with all
cross-references to those referenced files working.

Perfect for what you say below.

I don't have his email address, but I am sure it will be provided by someone
else. You might be able to Google for it.

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Hello everyone,

I have a situation wherein I have a number of documents whose referenced
graphics are peppered across multiple folders on a network. There's a
lot of redundancy among the graphics and many unused graphics as well.
What I'd like to do is consolidate all the used graphics into a single
folder per document and re-reference them into their respective

Currently, the best thing I can think of is to break all the links by
moving the graphics where I want them and then updating the graphics to
the right place manually when I open any given file. The trouble is, I'm
looking at multiple hundreds of graphics in total, making it an onerous

So, my question for the group is two-prong:

1. Can anyone offer a better solution?
2. If I go with what I think is the best solution, is there a way to get
Frame to parse out a list of all used graphics in a given file so I know
what I'm moving?

Thanks for any help!


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