Hi Frameusers,

We're having a bit of a debate at my office regarding the best graphics format 
to import to FM, not only for use in FM, but also for RH, because we use the 
TCS (FM8/AB8/RH7).  We also using Captivate to record some GUI walkthroughs.

Our manuals contain a combination of up to 175 color photos, screenshots and 
line drawings.  They are designed to be used primarily on line.  We print only 
3 or 4 small getting started guides.  These are short runs on a Docutech or 
equivalent, and generally in B/W.  No Heidelbergs, no 4-color printing.

The rest of the 200 or so docs are delivered in PDF to the customers. Users 
can, of course, print them on a local printer.  

Our localization vendor recommended GIF because we do not print the manuals, 
and this helps keep the file sizes small.  However, in addition to GIF, we 
found that we need to use at least one other format.  The line drawings from 
the engineering source docs look great in Paintshop Pro in GIF format, but the 
GIF filter in FM displays them badly.  When we convert the GIF files to WMF and 
import that into FM, the graphics display fine.

Hope to hear back from some of you soon.  We've got a meeting tomorrow about 

Thanks lots everyone,

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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