Hi Diane

I'm using the following:

   - PNG for line art and screen shots in my HTML-based output (CHM,
   webhelp...), because GIF supports only 256 colors
   - EPS or PDF for line art in my PDF output. In FrameMaker, PDF has a
   better preview than EPS

For more information on graphic file formats, see:



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On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 3:11 AM, Diane Gaskill <dgcaller at earthlink.net>wrote:

> Hi Frameusers,
> We're having a bit of a debate at my office regarding the best graphics
> format to import to FM, not only for use in FM, but also for RH, because we
> use the TCS (FM8/AB8/RH7).  We also using Captivate to record some GUI
> walkthroughs.
> Our manuals contain a combination of up to 175 color photos, screenshots
> and line drawings.  They are designed to be used primarily on line.  We
> print only 3 or 4 small getting started guides.  These are short runs on a
> Docutech or equivalent, and generally in B/W.  No Heidelbergs, no 4-color
> printing.
> The rest of the 200 or so docs are delivered in PDF to the customers. Users
> can, of course, print them on a local printer.
> Our localization vendor recommended GIF because we do not print the
> manuals, and this helps keep the file sizes small.  However, in addition to
> GIF, we found that we need to use at least one other format.  The line
> drawings from the engineering source docs look great in Paintshop Pro in GIF
> format, but the GIF filter in FM displays them badly.  When we convert the
> GIF files to WMF and import that into FM, the graphics display fine.
> Hope to hear back from some of you soon.  We've got a meeting tomorrow
> about this.
> Thanks lots everyone,
> Diane Gaskill
> Hitachi Data Systems
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