Second try, more platform information.
I am running Frame on a Solaris system on a GNOME desktop.  The GNOME
desktop preferences fonts do not affect the font of anything in Frame - 
not the menus,
not the default text size in the window, not the size of the initial 
Frame menu box.

How can I increase the font size of menu items and dialog box fonts from 
within Frame?

I can increase the font size where I type, but I am having difficulty 
the fonts in dialog boxes. The File Open dialog box is particularly 
tricky, since
it is the first one that comes up, and its font size is minute.

In EPIC, you can pass the fonts to the application by running the 
following command
in a shell:

epic -font encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:14

When I try that with Frame, the format of the font is not recognized:

maker -font encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:14

Frame returns the message:
**Warning: Cannot convert string 
"encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:16" to type FontStruct **

So, what is the magic format where a font encoding is readable by Frame, 
and then Frame can turn it
into a FontStruct that Frame recognizes?

Thanx for any pointers,

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