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> Hi:
> Second try, more platform information.
> I am running Frame on a Solaris system on a GNOME desktop. ?The GNOME
> desktop preferences fonts do not affect the font of anything in Frame -
> not the menus,
> not the default text size in the window, not the size of the initial
> Frame menu box.
> How can I increase the font size of menu items and dialog box fonts from
> within Frame?
> I can increase the font size where I type, but I am having difficulty
> seeing
> the fonts in dialog boxes. The File Open dialog box is particularly
> tricky, since
> it is the first one that comes up, and its font size is minute.
> In EPIC, you can pass the fonts to the application by running the
> following command
> in a shell:
> epic -font encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:14
> When I try that with Frame, the format of the font is not recognized:
> maker -font encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:14
> Frame returns the message:
> **Warning: Cannot convert string
> "encoding:iso88591-family:helvetica-size:16" to type FontStruct **
> So, what is the magic format where a font encoding is readable by Frame,
> and then Frame can turn it
> into a FontStruct that Frame recognizes?
> Thanx for any pointers,
> Sharon
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Look for the PDF or .fm document "Customizing Frame Products" in the
onlinemanuals directory in your FM installation tree. It may be in the
fminit directory. I believe that Unix FM is the only FM version that
permits customizing the fonts in dialog boxes. I may be wrong on this
- it may only customize fonts in catalog titles, like Character Format
catalog and Paragraph Format catalog, and menu titles and options.

Many unix FM properties are configurable via x-resources. I seem to
recall that an x-resource can set fonts.

Another approach is to lower your screen resolution to show less real
estate at a larger size.



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