I've looked through many postings related to hyperlinks, without luck. I 
have a couple questions related to inserting hyperlinks to open a 
directory and to open a PDF file.

My system: 
FrameMaker 8.0p277
Windows XP, SP2

1. I don't well follow the FrameMaker help information on which hypertext 
command to use for opening a PDF or a Windows Explorer directory. I've 
tried two:
Go to URL (message URL \\shared\techpubs2\Graphics\Conversion) -- works 
well for most directories, but not all--see 3.
Open document (openlink [many variations on the network location]) -- 
doesn't work, apparently

2. The use of forward slash and backslash has a bearing, I know. But I 
don't observe a consistent response to one or the other. I guess that it's 
also related to the hypertext command I use, or the one I should use. The 
\ works well for most of the Go to URL uses. 

3. One use of Go to URL includes parameters that are changed to another 
value when I select Edit Hypertext Marker. 
message URL \\shared\techpubs2\processes\graphic_naming
Changed to:
message URL \\shared\techpubs2\processes?raphic_naming

4. I have yet to find the right command and parameter set for opening a 
PDF at a known location.

5. The FrameMaker help is woefully inadequate. I infer that FM supports 
only a small portion of the possible hypertext command set. (Correct?) I 
infer that the translation from FrameMaker to PDF also limits the 
functionality of hypertext. (Correct?) But does anyone have a better 
resource for understanding what hypertext is available and how it can be 


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