I'd strongly second the recommendation to use Archive to package stuff
up for the translators.

And my personal favorite for an editor is NoteTab (and Light).
Although for this kind of delecate search and replace, Text Workbench
would probably be quicker and more surgical.


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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Martinek, Carla <CMartinek at zebra.com> wrote:
> Menahem -
> This may or may not help you in the future, but when I send files to the
> translators, I use the Archive plugin to create a stand-alone copy of
> the source files. I don't need to maintain the original directory
> structure since I consider the translated guides to be a "snapshot" of a
> particular development point, and will not be working in or editing the
> translated guides once I get them back.
> The Archive plugin is avialable from Bruce Foster at
> http://home.comcast.net/~bruce.foster/Archive.htm
> I've included the description below.
> Regards,
> Carla
> ***************************************
> Carla Martinek, Senior Translation Coordinator/Editor
> Zebra Technologies Corporation
> -----------------
> Archive Plugin Description
> Archive is a shareware plugin for FrameMaker that copies a book to an
> archive directory and gathers all documents, referenced graphics, and
> text insets for that book into the archive directory. All references in
> the archived book are relative and point to documents, graphics, and
> text insets under the archive directory. Archive does not change
> references to documents that are not part of the book, and these
> references can be absolute.
> Once a book has been archived, you can zip the archive directory to
> create a compressed archive of your book. You can also use this Archive
> plugin to create a self-contained book, making it easy to move the book
> and all necessary files to a new location without breaking references.
> Archive will also archive a single document and its referenced objects.
> If your documents reference two or more graphic files that have the same
> filename but reside in different source directories, Archive will rename
> the files when placing them into the archve. Each file with a duplicate
> name added to the archive will be renamed from filename.xxx to
> filenameNNN.xxx. Documents with identical filenames but different
> pathnames and text insets with identical filenames but different
> pathnames are treated similarly.
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