Hello All

I wonder if anyone has seen this. Using Frame 7.1p116 on XP SP3.

Kevin Hunter posted a question yesterday:


I have a document with two flows, A & B, in parallel on a page. In flow A, my 
numbered lists sequence fine. It is set to AutoConnect. With flow B,
which appears to be identically set up, my numbered lists restart on every 
page. I've tried adjusting the master page, the frames individually,
auto-connect on and off, and nothing seems to work. From the guide and a few 
pages out there on Google, it would appear that those are the only
variables I should have to worry about.


Being of an obsessive nature, I decided to try to reproduce what he found. So, 
borrowing his doc to see how it was set up, I did the following:

1.       Create two custom, single-sided docs, AB.fm and AC.fm.

2.       In AB.fm:

a.       On the master page, make the default text frame (flow A) narrower and 
on the left, and add a new background text frame on the right for flow
B. Both text frames have Autoconnect switched on.

b.      Set the Body paragraph format to an autonumbered format.

3.       In AC.fm:

a.       Create a similar page layout (two text flows) to the one in AB.fm, but 
call the one on the right C instead of B. Autoconnect is on for both

b.      Leave the Body paragraph format as not numbered.

All subsequent work is done in AB.fm...

4.       In AB.fm, import page layouts (only) from AC.fm. The C frame (on the 
right) is in a similar position to the original B frame. After
importing, the C frame overlaps the B frame and pushes it to the right. 

5.       Click in the C frame. Note that the Body paragraph format in not 
numbered - i.e. it is the same as it was in AC.fm. *I'd be interested to
know whether that is the expected result!*

6.       Click in the B frame. Note that the Body paragraph is numbered. We 
have two formats called Body but they are different.

7.       Add numbered paragraphs to all three flows so that a new page is 
created and the numbers flow to the next page. The doc is now two pages long
and all three text frames extend to the second page.

8.       Delete the flow B text frame on the second (last) body page. A message 
pops up saying that Frame will quite likely create a new page to
accommodate the content you are deleting. Sure enough, a third page is added 
that has the three text frames.

9.       Go back to page 2. Note that the numbering in flow A has recommenced 
at 1, while page 3 continues the numbering from page 1.

I realise that this may qualify as abuse! But there seems to be some 
strangeness going on. Either way, it explains what Kevin was finding. (He says
there's been a lot of importing of formats in the past...)

Any thoughts??

Roger Shuttleworth

London, Canada

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