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> Klaus, when a file is open, if you hover your cursor over its filename tab,
> the full path will pop up. This doesn't work for book files, but the book
> file path is listed at the top of the tree within the book file. It would
> be a nice feature to add such a popup when hovering over filenames within
> the book file.
> Mike Wickham

Mike, I do not want to move the mouse around on the large screen just 
to get an information which should be somewhere visible already. Often 
I have this situation:

- In FM i have two files open, both named A, but from different paths 
(1 and 2)
- I copy something from another application and want to insert this 
into A1
- I switch over to FM-9 (ALT+TAB). With CTRL+TAB I can switch between 
the two open files
  in FM, but which is which?
- There is a chance of 50% to paste into the wrong file - or I must 
resort to mousing.
  If I'm lucky I see the cursor blinking in the active doc-window and 
remember, that
  this was the place where I left FM.

In the classic Windows interface until FM-8 this no issue at all.

How can this mousing be compatible to the requirement of 
"accessability" - which is a legally pressed requirement in the US 
(sorry, for me it is difficult to understand some legal things in the 

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