Hello to all, especially Peter Gold:

Using Frame 7.2 on Home XP, SP3, I've created a problem with my TOC.

Awhile back, I generated a reduced TOC to submit to potential publishers as
an outline, but neglected to do so as a stand-alone.
I eventually deleted that TOC from the book and reinstated the previous,
full-sized and completely formatted TOC back into the book.
But this file has now lost its "generated" status and is not recognized by
Frame as such, so it does not update when I update the book.

Am I doomed to rebuild and reformatted the entire TOC from scratch, or is
there some way I can get Frame to recognize the old file as a generated file
once again?

I mentioned Peter G., because I was inspired by his response to an outline
question where he describes creating a separate TOC to use as a companion
outline. The need to generate a stand-alone isn't mentioned therein. But if
a TOC is already established, isn't creating a stand-alone the only way to
keep the first TOC working with the book?

Thanks in advance to all, Peter especially.

~ Don Spencer

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