I upgraded to FM9 from FM8 recently, and like moving easily among the
tabbed dialogs. There are a few UI actions, however, that seemed to have
gone away from previous versions and that I miss: 

1. In FM8 and earlier, I was able to import a graphic to an anchored
frame, rescale it, and use Ctrl-Z to undo the resize. In FM9, Ctrl-Z
does not work. Result is having to delete the graphic, re-import it, and
try another scaling factor.

2. In FM8 and earlier, I was able to apply the "Default Font" option on
the Character Catalog panel to a segment of text. In FM9, I see no
"Default Font" on the Character Designer tab. Result is having to
re-apply the "default" font for the paragraph to the entire paragraph
using the Paragraph tab. 

3. In FM9, on both the Paragraph and Character Designer tabs, the
Command down-arrow button does nothing for any specified tag.

If these actions still exist in FM9 in a different form, or there are
work-arounds, I would appreciate knowing. Thank you.

Gabrielle Burns
Lead Information Products Developer
BRO Software Applications
Breault Research Organization, Inc.
gburns at breault.com

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