> 2. In FM8 and earlier, I was able to apply the "Default Font" option on
> the Character Catalog panel to a segment of text. In FM9, I see no
> "Default Font" on the Character Designer tab. Result is having to
> re-apply the "default" font for the paragraph to the entire paragraph
> using the Paragraph tab.

I still see "Default Font" as the first entry in the Character Catalog. 
Note: That's the Character Catalog, not the Character Designer. Your message 
was a little confusing. You have to open the Character Catalog from a menu, 
now, though. The toolbar icons at the right side of the document window are 
now gone.

> 3. In FM9, on both the Paragraph and Character Designer tabs, the
> Command down-arrow button does nothing for any specified tag.

Adobe is aware of that bug. The workaround for the Paragraph and Table 
Designers is to click on one of the other tab icons at the top, then the 
Commands button will work again. With the Character Designer, you have to 
close and reopen the panel to get it to work again. These workarounds are 
only necessary once for each FrameMaker session.

Mike Wickham

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